When I Become An Administrator


  1. I want to print out my email messages, and have my secretary read them to me.
  2. I want to attend meetings all day, so I never have time to be in the classrooms with students and teachers.
  3. I want to spend lots of time disciplining the kids in my school rather than inspiring them.
  4. I will insist that all my teachers use the chalkboard and the overhead projector every day.
  5. I want my teachers to ask all the questions, so the students can provide the answers.
  6. I want to write a technology plan once, and then forget about it for five years until we have to revise it again.
  7. I want to communicate with parents, teachers and students using paper and pencils.
  8. I want to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.
  9. I will make sure every teacher is on the same page of the curriculum guide each minute of the day.
  10. I want to standardize learning, instill fear in both teachers and students, and make sure all the students stay quiet and on task all day long.
  11. I will tell my teachers to focus all their attention on preparing students for their tests.
  12. I will make sure every student in my school is treated exactly the same.
  13. I will stifle creativity, and make sure no one is allowed to think out of the box in our school.
  14. I want to say “no you can’t do that” at least one hundred times each day.
  15. I won’t waste time getting to know the first names of every student in my school, because too many of them move away anyway.
  16. I want to do all the talking, so the teachers and the students can do all the listening.
  17. I want to roll out a new instructional reform program at the start of every school year, and discontinue it at least two months afterward.
  18. I want all the professional development for my teachers to be one-shot training with a different person they never see again in their lives.
  19. I want to do whatever parents want who complain to me or the superintendent, whether or not I think it is right or it is best for the child and our school.
  20. I want to stop learning.

Wesley Fryer on his Moving at the Speed of Creativity Blog as written this in a post entitled: “When I Become an Administrator” movie ideas. He has asked his readers to comment, assisting him in publishing a movie for one of his upcoming conference presentations:

What one-liners should be added to this potential script draft? These need to be short and to the point, highlighting administrative “worst-practices” in the hope they will inspire people to consider administrative “best practices.”

To share your ideas with Wesley, visit the Blog post and scroll to the bottom to leave your reply. I’m proud of the administrators of our District. Just recently they modeled appropriate use of technology when posting to the new Pride Blog. They ventured out into the land of blogging with the goal of improving communication with our community. They are progressing from web1.o email to web2.o blogging.

Also, check out the When I Become a Teacher movie.

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