Voting and Rating Polls

I created this on-line survey using Zoho Polls. Zoho offers a large suite of free, on-line productivity tools. The Polling tool is quick and easy.

  1. After accessing the Zoho homepage and clicking the Zoho Polls link, register for a free account.
  2. Click the green Create Poll button at the top.
  3. Your 2 choices will be a poll to vote, such as mine above, or a poll to rate.
  4. Enter a title and description.
  5. Enter as many choices as needed. You can link each choice to a web address, which could be either a website, pdf, video, audio, image, etc. This would prove useful if you had some content you wanted them to consider while making their decision.
  6. Set the poll as public or private.
  • If you set the poll as private, you enter email addresses for those people you want to invite to participate. The email they receive will have a hyperlink for the reader to click to access the poll. They will be able to view the current poll results while making their own choice.
  • If you set the poll to public, you can copy and paste the provided html code into a class website or blog for all visitors to use.  

After you create a poll you can still edit, delete, or close it. You can create multiple polls. When you login to the zoho polls site you will see the results listed for each of your polls.

As an educator this poll could be used in many ways:

  • teacher/administrator seeking parent input
  • students collect data to graph and analyze
  • administrator seeking teacher input
  • director seeking staff input on what tech workshops to offer… mmmm

I’m sure there are others that I have not listed. If you are interested in using this tool I would be happy to help. It is so easy you probably won’t need my assistance. The most complicated part would be pasting the provided html code into your web site or blog.

Please participate in the poll above. I’m thinking about changing providers and would love your input.

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