Your Slideshows On-line, Easy!

slideshare.gifSlideshare is a free site for publishing your slideshows. After registering, you can upload a PowerPoint slideshow.  You will then be provided with a webpage address for your slideshow that you can link to or send to anyone. It also provides code that you can paste into a web page, and some blogs (but not Edublogs), that will display your slideshow. Here’s an example. It also creates a complete transcript of all uploaded slideshows, available at the bottom of the slideshow’s webpage.

You can search by tags, browse the most zinged, most viewed, latest, etc. If you find something you like, save it to your favorites.

Anyone can post anything on this site. As a result, it is not safe for younger students to browse. 

Classroom use

  • Publish Teacher presentations: convenient, ease of use, collaboration, sharing

  • Publish Student presentations: provide a real audience for your students; could embed student slideshows in a class website using the code provided by Slideshare;

  • Instructional Resources: find existing slideshows that you can use in your class

  • Professional Development: You are likely to find many conference presentations on SlideShare. Professional Development Conference presenters are uploading their slideshows and tagging them with the name of the conference. Slides often have hyperlinks to resources.

I’ve published a handout with all the features explained in detail. You can view my slidshare space with my uploaded slideshows, and favorites as well. Slideshare is currently having their first contest, with prizes!

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