Finding a Podcast

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have learned a great deal these past few months by subscribing to a few (maybe several) podcasts. There are podcasts specializing in topics of interest for teachers and administrators. Here’s some of the podcasts to which I subscribe:

  • KidCast: examples and discussions of how podcasts are used in education
  • TechPod Zone: conversations among tech support staff in school districts
  • Women of the Web, SMARTBoard Lessons Podcast, Bit by Bit: conversations among educators using technology
  • Tech Chicks Tips, edTech Talk: discussions of cool sites and tools on the Internet for educators
  • Infinite Thinking Machine: videocasts (podcast with video and audio) about educators using technology
  • Hitchkr: recorded presentations from Conferences that I was not able to attend. Just identify the tag for any conference of interest and you can locate all the blogs, photos, and podcasts created from that event.

To sample these podcasts click the Grazr button: Open Grazr

ipod.jpgAn iPod or any other mp3 player is NOT required in order to subscribe or listen to a podcast. You can listen to any podcast at your computer just using it’s speakers, or a set of headphones. A podcast in its basic form is just an audio file.

Some podcasts are posted with subscription options, so that you can have any new episodes delivered to you, without having to visit their web page. You can use Bloglines to subscribe to a podcast and be able to listen to it on your station. Here’s my handout on Bloglines. I use iTunes since I have an iPod. Being the tech geek that I am, I like to listen to the podcasts through my car’s stereo system via my iPod using an FM transmitter, as well as on my computer. Juice is another popular, free software choice.

There are several ways to locate a podcast to which you would enjoy listening. You can always use Google to search for podcast plus some key words like education, k12, math, etc.

Either in May, or certainly in the summer, I will have a podcasting workshop during which time we will explore these tools as well as publish an original podcast.

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