Edublogs has just added the ability to embed a Slideshare Show into a post. Please see my previous post, Your Slideshows On-line, Easy for more information about Slideshare. 

I’ve updated my Slideshare handout to include directions for embedding a show in Edublogs.

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8 thoughts on “Slideshare

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the resource. The pdf handout looks great.
    I did a quick view but didn’t see how to embed in edublogs.
    Was it in there and I missed it?
    Can you provide some steps?

  2. Yes, I noticed that yesterday. I was hoping it would right itself overnight. I checked the forum to see if others have a similar issue. Didn’t see anything, yet. I tried redoing the code. No change.

  3. I just discovered that you can just paste the WordPress code into Edublogs now, with no editing of the code itself. Works like a charm (I think)


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