Classroom with Wheels

ipod.jpgBilly Hudson, a Vanderbilt professor, has not forgotten his long bus rides as a student in Grapevine, Arkansas. Recently he has initiated a pilot study, the Aspirnaut Initiative.  Participating students received iPods for viewing educational videos and podcasts during their commute. Fifteen students received laptops for communicating with the professors. The bus is now a mobile classroom for these students.

An Aspirnaut™ (as’-per-not) is a student who aspires, seeks, and achieves.

I know that students can learn using iPods. This past school year I’ve learned a great deal myself, listening and watching various podcasts. I’ve also read many classroom success stories about the use podcasts. Listening to podcasts is something that I would recommend for students of all ages – ipods optional. The logistics for implementing such an initiave must be challenging. I wish Mr. Hudson and his aspirnauts the best.

On a related note, the transit authority of Chattanooga, TN is planning to provide free wireless Internet on their public buses by this fall, something they think will fill more seats.

You can read the complete article on the eSchool News website.

eSchool News staff and wire service reports (2007). Schools ride emerging trend: Bus-based connectivity eSchoolnews April 23, 2007 Retrieved May 1, 2007,

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