Something Delicious for You to Try

  • Does your browser’s favorites cascade out of the control, just a long unorganized ribbon of links?
  • Do you have multiple favorites/bookmarks lists, one on your home computer, one on your classroom computer, and one on your laptop?
  • Do you ever find yourself wishing you had access to the favorites on your classroom computer while at home?
  • Do you ever find a site that you want to share with a friend, but don’t want to take the time to compose an email with the copied web address?

Try I know, strange name, awesome tool. Basically, is a free service for storing your favorites/bookmarks on-line; organized by tags, and bundles if you’re so inclined; with built in tools for sharing.

About 6 months ago, I imported my favorites into from ikeepbookmarks. has proved to be more dependable and faster than ikeepbookmarks (another web-based bookmarking service). The tagging and bundling tools, just like file folders and file drawers, keep my links organized, which is a priority for me (as anyone who knows me will attest to.) I especially like that I can save a website with multiple tags.

Click the Sharpie photo from Beth Kanter‘s screen-cast to view her presentation on using Jeff Utecht also has a great screen-cast on this social bookmarking tool.

The button installed in my browser allows me to save and categorize a web site with a click. Plus the sharing features are great. If I find a site I know Melinda would like, I just tag it with for:mmiller and she gets it in her account under links for you. (Okay, her user-name isn’t really mmiller, but I don’t have her permission to share.) My user-name is jgarton, so if you find any site you wish to share with me, just tag them for:jgarton. Much easier than writing an email and pasting in the web address, clogging up my inbox, and then me adding the emailed link to my account myself. It has also proven to be a great resource for locating web sites. I can easily search all the other user’s accounts by keyword, or even network with other users.

Download:Using – Powered by

You might start noticing a chicklet on some websites, along with Digg it!, RSS, and a handful of others. But that’s another post.


To learn more, register for my summer workshop on Finding, Evaluating, and Organizing Web Resources on Monday, July 3oth. In addition to setting up a account, you will learn to decrease your search time and increase your find time, and explore the new Google Co-op tool for creating your own search engine. Plus you will practice using the 5Cs to evaluate on-line resources. You can find a comprehensive handout on and other related resources on my Social Bookmarking web page.

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5 thoughts on “Something Delicious for You to Try

  1. Hi
    How did you embed TeacherTube?
    I have tried in the past, to no success.
    Can you give me a quick tutorial?
    I’ll check this comments over the next few days.

  2. Beth: I subscribe to your blog and found your visual tagging example outstanding. I had a teacher who was struggling with the concept of tags and bundles in delicious. This provided me with the concrete example I needed.

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