BubbleShare is fun and easy.

This free, web-based tool allows you to create slideshows with your photos. Many educators are using the site to publish photos of students giving presentations or participating in activities, or photos of their projects or work.

Just upload your photos, add text comments, your voice (or the student’s voice), or even some video footage, and then drop in some fun clipart. Share your show by sending out your link or embedding it into your blog. (At this time, Edublogs does not support embedded BubbleShare shows. A few weeks from now, that may change.) Check out these examples that I’ve embedded in a wiki. I’ve taken the liberty of publishing a show with photos of our outstanding administrators. In the wiki, you can click on the links to the left (Bubbleslider, Bouncy Animation, etc.) to view various Bubbleshare show choices. You can use my Bubbleshare handout to get started. The tools are obvious and easy to use, so my handout may not be needed. You can also register for my summer workshop, Working with Photos on August 2nd.

Advisory: This site contains some inappropriate content. Students should not be allowed to browse the community, or use Bubbleshare unsupervised. Be sure to check student permissions on the tech usage policy in regards to posting a student’s photo or work on-line.

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2 thoughts on “BubbleShare

  1. How can I “blur” images of students within a photo? I’ve seen this on other classroom web sites and think it would be useful for those students without consent for web photos. I’m looking forward to exploring Bubbleshare over the summer!

  2. Cindy,

    That is an excellent question, and something I need to be sure and address in my Working with Photos workshop this summer. In Bubbleshare, a quick fix might be to place some clipart on top of the student.

    I will do some research and find a quick and easy solution.

    Good question!

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