You don’t truly appreciate something, until it’s gone

Edublogs was “gone” for several hours this weekend. As I did my usual reading of my RSS feeds and participated in an online conference in New Zealand (more on that later), I was constantly checking to see if Edublogs was back. I had so much to say. So I resorted to blogging in Word with the plan to cut and paste. But alas, it is not the same (influences of New Zealand dialect). I can’t embed the videos as I find them, or upload the captured images. Oh Edublogs, oh Edublogs, please come back. I know the presenters at the New Zealand conference are singing a similar tune. Several of them had links to Edubblogs, which they could not display during their presentations. I did read James Farmer’s recent blog post and know that he is doing his best. We all have those days when technology is not our friend. I have full confidence in Mr. Farmer.

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3 thoughts on “You don’t truly appreciate something, until it’s gone

  1. Yeh, sorry about that – it was absolutely hellish and we’re spending a lot of $ and time to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It sounds like you really got the rough end of the stick too so I’m especially sorry for that.

    Thanks for sticking with it – promise we’ll have some great new features and themes coming through soon to make up for the mess!

  2. Thanks for the comment, James, and for the free blogging service for educators. I’m a loyal Edublogs user. It is the blogging tool I model in all my blogging workshops. I’ve even got our Administrators using it!

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