Last Weekend New Zealand, This Weekend Canada

Last weekend I enjoyed the presentations from the No Time for On-line Conference from New Zealand. This weekend I’m traveling, virtually, to Canada for another free, on-line conference. George Siemens is hosting The Future of Education (FOE), an international panel of presenters exploring trends impacting K-12 and higher education, and corporate training. The schedule for June 4-8 includes keynote presentations and a series of 20-30 minute sessions.

You can participate in live events with just a click. No special software are complicated connection settings, just click the link and Elluminate will install and open the presentation. If the live event schedule conflicts with your golf game then you can access the recorded version at your convenience. You can also participate in ongoing discussions using the provided Moodle courses. In addition, they are using one of my favorite tools, Pageflakes, to collect conversations and related activities. To register just enter your email address at the the FOE conference Web site.

This morning, Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay will be giving a presentation, “My Seatmate Lives in China,” about the importance of global collaborative projects. I can’t wait to listen. I have already learned so much from Vicki’s blog, wikis, and Women of the Web podcast/webcasts.

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