A Collection of Student Voices

I just finished watching Learning, Sharing & Connecting Online with 6 & 7 year olds!, a video presentation from Nelson Central’s Room 9 of New Zealand. Rachel Boyd is doing some amazing things with these youngsters. The classroom blog is wonderful, filled with photos, daily events, and of course, student work. I’m amazed at the Rubbish Audit post:

On Tuesday afternoon ALL the rubbish from EVERY bin @ Nelson Central School was taken and put into the hall. On Wednesday the seniors went and helped sort it into 4 piles: paper, cardboard, food scraps & plastic. We could see all the rubbish that our school makes in a DAY!

Download: Posted by rachelboyd at TeacherTube.com.

Six and Seven Year olds blogging?! Fortunately, this is not the first time I’ve seen this. There are other primary teachers also taking the plunge into the blogosphere with their students. Mrs. Cassidy’s first grade students are blogging and podcasting. Just recently Tom McMillan wrote an article for Canada.com about Kathy Cassidy’s classroom entitled Blogging 101 motivates students.

If you can’t run your own blog, it may be time to go back to Grade 1.

I’m looking forward to watching Presentation 2 from Rachel’s students. These presentations are a part of the keynote for Round 2 of the free, online Time4On-line Conference, and are my favorite of the lot.

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3 thoughts on “A Collection of Student Voices

  1. Hi Janetta,

    Glad you liked it… I am a firm believer that my “little” students can do anything! Most are not computer users at home but take to things really easily after it being modelled and taught in quite a structured way and take it all in their stride!

    Our class blog is done with more guidance from me as to the postings etc and I do the technical work like uploading the videos etc, but the writing blog they do entirely themselves… and they love it. It’s just part of our routine now…. the kids work out using the roster when they’ll be on and think of what they could share or write on it. It’s not hard work as it’s just part of “what we do”. I just need to provide the access and make sure the computer is connected to the internet etc.

    The comments, hit counter and clustr map are what keep my kids going with the blogging. The wiki has been harder to maintain enthusiasm for but we have just sorted out a buddy system with an overseas class – they are going to be collaborating and adding to our ‘tall stories’ so that should prove quite motivating!

    Wonderful that 6 & 7 year olds from little old New Zealand really do have a global audience… the kids think they are getting to be “quite famous”!! 🙂

    Kind regards, Rachel Boyd, NZ

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