Sensational Zentation

The On-line Publishing sessions for the Time4 Online Conference, feature Suzie Vesper’s session: Involved Community and Motivated Children – Publishing Presentations Online. Her wiki, Publishing Videos On-line has a wonderful collection of resources. I especially enjoyed her presentation for the conference for which she used Zentation, a mashup tool that combines Google Video and Slideshare. I’ve not seen this before. She also has a wiki on Web2.0 tools that has some great resources.

Online Conference and Zentation



Using online tools for publishing

Suzie recommends using Google video to post your educational videos because it allows you to set a level of privacy, but still provides code to embed the video in a wiki, blog, or website. YouTube also provides privacy levels, but requires you to make a video public in order to acquire the embedding code. I know that currently both of these sites are blocked by our filter, but TeacherTube is not. She provides examples of videos in education including to: demonstrate learning, capture events, publicize the school, and educate teachers.

I wanted to hear a New Zealand voice respond to me when I used the YackPack walkie talkie on the Publishing Videos On-line wiki, but alas, I was the only current visitor of the wiki, so no response to my yack. Take a go at it, as they say in New Zealand.

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3 thoughts on “Sensational Zentation

  1. Hi there Janetta,

    Glad to hear that you found my presentation useful. I didn’t have much luck finding people to talk to with my YackPack walkie talkie either (well, only Mum when I was testing it but that doesn’t count!) If you do want to try it out again, we could find a time to suit us both. I have been reading through your blog and I am really enjoying it. I’ll make sure to check back in here regularly.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Suzie. When I read it I hear your wonderful accent. I enjoyed learning about a new tool(Zentation) from you. The YackPack is novel and fun, and might be useful if you wanted to collaborate with someone who doesn’t use Skype. I hope you continue to comment on my blog, or even subscribe :>) I love having visitors.

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