Bubbling in Edublogs

[bubbleshare 154140]

This morning I stumbled upon the blog Edublogs Tutorials and found the directions for embedding a Bubbleshare. Yippee!


  1. In Bubbleshare, click the My Albums button.
  2. Click the album you wish to embed to access it.
  3. Click the View Album button.
  4. In the Link to it box on the right, copy the provided link.


  1. Access the post in Edublogs.
  2. Click the Code tab of the editor.
  3. Paste the web address into the editor.
  4. Delete all the text except the number after the word album.
  5. Add the text bubbleshare at the beginning.
  6. Add brackets at the beginning and end.
    For example: http://www.bubbleshare.com/album/165781.b7b1206c180 would look like:

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