Salute to Suess

sues.jpgJennifer Wagner of TechnoSpud Projects is the queen of collaborative projects for elementary students. She is now accepting participants for the Salute to Suess project. I encourage elementary teachers and librarians to check this out.

  • Salute to Seuss: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Cat In The Hat
  • Registration: starts August 3rd
  • Grades: PreK – 6th
  • Description: Each classroom will pick one (or several) of Dr. Seuss’s BOOKS and create either a webpage, a wiki, a blog, a presentation, a bubble share, etc about their book. Classrooms will also write add a classroom review of a book to add to our BOOK REVIEW PAGE!
  • Project Time Frames: begin in August of 2007 and conclude in December of 2007

Since Jennifer is so experienced at organizing these projects this would be a great project in which to participate. If you aren’t sure about the webpage, wiki, blog, presentation, bubbleshare, etc. I am happy to help. Even if you don’t participate in the project, the wiki offers a wonderful list of activities, links, and worksheets.

Image: Avril Hodge

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