Last week in my Blogging Workshops (Finding and Subscribing to Blogs and Publishing a Blog) teachers used Edublogs to publish a blog and set up a Bloglines account to subscribe to web content. As we discussed student blogs, I recommended Class Blogmeister, a free service from David Warlick. It has features specifically designed for teachers to use with a class of student bloggers. I haven’t used this service myself, but have read many Blogmeister blogs. Some of the teachers wanted to know the details of setting up an account and using password protected blogs. Mr. Warlick recently posted 2 videos on YouTube that these teachers will want to see.

Willard Teachers: These video will be blocked at school. It is worth the time and effort to watch it elsewhere.

Introduction to Class Blogmeister

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Class Blogemister Initial Setup

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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