Registration is now open for the O.R.E.O. Project. (Visit the site to see what O.R.E.O. stands for.) For this basic collaborative project, students stack Oreo cookies as high as possible. All the student results are averaged to create a class average which is submitted via an on-line form. The data is graphed in an Excel spreadsheet. Jennifer Wagner, aka TechoSpud, also provides a long list of language, math, science, and technology activities that teachers can choose to do. You’ll even find some fun Oreo recipes and a voluntary side project of sculpting with Oreos.

  • Grades: PreK-6
  • Project Dates: September 17 to October 12th
  • Final Posting of Data: October 13th

Image Credit: mihoda

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3 thoughts on “OREO

  1. Thanks for the suggestion on the OREO project. I’ve signed up my class and the other fourth grade teachers are considering it, too. Sounds like fun and a good way to start talking about data collection.

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