Willard Tiger Mail

Have you tried the District’s new Willard Tiger Mail? Tiger Webmail is a web based mail application which allows you to read and process your email from a browser running on any station with access to the Internet. The District also supports Eudora software for pop mail. There are some differences between Eudora pop mail and Webmail.

  1. Eudora is free email software that is installed. It does not run through a browser. When you get your new mail, it is downloaded to that station. It will not be accessible from another station.
  2. With Webmail you have a disk quota. Since your email resides on the server, you will need to monitor your disk space. As you begin to use all of your disk space, you will need to clean out your folders to create room. Whenever you reach 80% of your disk quota, you will get a reminder from the server.



Be sure to register for the staff mailing list (district), and your building mailing list. The mailing lists are meant to be an avenue for announcements and information for a particular building or group. They are not intended to be public information. Therefore you will be approved as a member of a list if you work in that building, or are responsible for some activities involving that building (such as coaching).

Add @willard.k12.mo.us after each of the mailing list addresses below.

  • staffmail-join
  • hsstaff-join
  • msstaff-join
  • wistaff-join
  • wnstaff-join
  • westaff-join
  • wcstaff-join
  • wsstaff-join
  • ssstaff-join
  • secstaff-join
  • coaches-join

screencast.jpgHere is a video tutorial to lead you through the process.


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