Sharing Online Videos at School

youtube.gifCurrently our filter blocks several video sites. This is a safety precaution to prevent our students from stumbling upon inappropriate content, but also to protect our bandwidth. As you probably know from your experience with United Streaming, now Discovery Education Streaming, you can not stream full length videos during the school day. This utilizes too much bandwidth and can have a negative impact on other users of the network. This is why we use the Network Manager to “Download Later” the DE Streaming full videos.

YouTube and other video hosting sites often contain appropriate educational content. Check out the YouTube K12 Education Group started by Dean Shareski. It has 191 videos. Edutopia recently published A Teacher’s Tour of YouTube, which provides suggestions and considerations for educators using YouTube.

If you find a video you would like to share at school there is an easy way to accomplish this. Watch this short screencast that will lead you through the quick and easy process. Okay, it may not be quick if you have a looooong video. If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to ask.

TeacherTube is one video site that is not blocked at school. You will find some great content here. For more video sites visit the Fusion: Digital Video webpage. For those buildings who did not subscribe the DE Streaming this year, you will find some other video resources here.

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