Now Presenting: Google Docs

googledocs.pngGoogle has just released it’s anxiously awaited Presentation, the newest edition to the Google Docs Suite. Like PowerPoint, Google’s Presentation is for creating slideshows. Unlike PowerPoint, it is free and browser based (no software to install). That’s not all. It provides options for collaboration, publishing, and on-line presentations.

You can import existing PowerPoint files, or create a new show online. These shows can be edited, shared, and published all on-line. Several users can be working on a show simultaneously. Collaborators can use the RSS feed to automatically receive notification of updates to the show. The audience can simply click a link to follow along as the presenter takes the audience through the slideshow. Participants are connected through Google Talk, and can use chat to discuss the presentation as they’re watching! This does not include audio.

For those of you new to Google Docs, this suite of Office-like tools is powerful and convenient. It is a great resource for your students as well. They can begin an assignment at school, access it at home/public library, without installing software of physically transporting a file via flash drive. Group project? No problem. You could even access their work to monitor progress and provide guidance.


Watch the video below, Google Docs in Plain English (Thanks, Allanah). Willard Staff: This YouTube video will be blocked at school, but is well worth your time to watch elsewhere. To learn more about Google Docs participate in my workshop in January.

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