Media Award Winner

Monday evening, my husband and I were guests at the Southwest Region Missouri State Teachers Association Fall Meeting. The conference room was filled with 800+ educators enjoying dinner and an inservice program. We especially enjoyed the presentation by Dr. Zachary Clements. He was entertaining and inspiring. The program also included Media and Communication Awards for various categories including newspaper, television, school websites and newsletter.

The competition recognizes outstanding coverage of education and education issues by the Missouri media. In addition, MSTA recognizes school district communication achievements. Nominations are judged on originality, impact, objectivity, timeliness, appeal and contribution to education.


I was honored to have my Fusion: Educators Integrating Technology website receive the award for school district website. Fusion may not be the expected flavor of district website (a website listing all the buildings, administrators, staff resources, patron info, etc…we have one of those too), but it is a website published for the benefit of our district staff. It is the homebase for all my workshop resources and more. Thank you, Cindy Miles (Willard’s CTA President), for nominating Fusion for this honor.


2 thoughts on “Media Award Winner

  1. Janetta,
    Congratulations to you on your award! I am presenting a blogging workshop to the teachers at my school and hoped to use your Edublogs manual. I had stumbled across it on a Google search back during the summer. When I accessed it again today, I found the update and the new website. Wow! Ironically, I realized you are in the same district as Melinda Miller, whom I began an online friendship with during the summer. Small virtual world! Would you mind if I shared your work with my faculty and staff? Again, congratulations to you on your hard work and ultimate success!
    Kitty Forbus

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