Fusion Finds Podcast: Blogs in Education

This video podcast showcases examples of how blogs are being used in education. It is about 5 minutes in length. If you would rather view the screencast with the clickable screen shots, click here.

Download Blogs in Education

Show Notes:

  1. Wikipedia: Blogvideoicon.jpg
  2. Always: Learning
  3. Terrific Tales
  4. Ms. Mercer’s Class Website
  5. Willard East Elementary
  6. Galileo Academy
  7. The Journal of Harriet Tubman
  8. AP Calculus AB
  9. The Pride
  10. Meriwether Lewis Elementary
  11. The Guerrilla Season Book Blog
  12. On the Prowl
  13. Smith 9H
  14. Room 2 Journal
  15. Global Learners
  16. ICT in Education

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2 thoughts on “Fusion Finds Podcast: Blogs in Education

  1. This is a fantastic overview of the many uses of blogs!

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog – I’m flattered to be appearing in such a professional and thorough overview 🙂

    I will definitely be passing this link on to our teachers here at ISB and would love to share it directly on our collaborative community blog (for teachers, parents and students at ISB): Connect 2.0.

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