My Learning Community

I had a total geek night last night as I participated in 3 live, online events. The first was the Fireside Chat with David Warlick, a followup event for his newly released K12Online Pre-Conference Keynote. A little over 100 people were logged in to an Elluminate session, participating in the chat, watching the displayed slides and video feed of Mr. Warlick, and listening as he extended his keynote and answered questions poised by us, the 100+ participants. If you access this link to the Fireside Chat, you will be asked to install some Elluminate software/player and then you can watch the recording of the live event.


My next stop was a casual gathering at ustream where Will Richardson discussed some of the features of ustream and collaborated with participants on trying to set it up to play the audio of incoming skype calls along with input from his mic. This was just one of several recent ustream shows by Mr. Richardson. I look forward to the next event.


Last, but not least, I participated in the WOW2 webcast on edtechtalk. This is something I occasionally do when my Tuesday evening schedule allows. If I miss the webcast, I know I can listen to the podcast of the event which is posted a few days later. But it is always more exciting to be a part of the live event, chatting with other participants as you listen to the live stream of the audio, maybe even having your questions answered by the guests of the show. In fact, during their Back to School webcast, I was invited to be a guest and participated via Skype in the live conversation with the WOW2 ladies. Really, if you don’t believe me just listen to the podcast. That was great fun. This week’s guests were David Jakes and Ewan McIntosh and I wanted to hear this one live.

This is my learning community.

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5 thoughts on “My Learning Community

  1. Hi Janetta,

    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for the Elluminate mention. It’s pretty exciting that we have all these opportunities for online collaboration–more tools arrive every day.

    If you are interested in having your own free virtual room to experiment with, Elluminate vRoom is available for up to 3 users at time. It’s got all the functionality of Elluminate Live! except for recording. And you can use it for as long as you like. Just visit

    – Beth, Elluminate Goddess of Communication

  2. Hi Janet,

    I found your blog in the last few days – sometime after the total geek night you describe above. Thanks for sharing such great information with everyone. As I browse through your previous posts I am finding gem after gem to use in my own classroom or to share with my teachers.

    Kim Vance

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