Meet Arthus

arthus.jpgI enjoyed listening to Steve Hargadon of Edtech Live interview Arthus, a 14 year old who recently has been visiting/participating in the edtech online community. I think I first encountered Arthus during the K12 Online Conference Fireside Chat with David Warlick, and then in a Ustream meetup with Will Richardson. Arthus says he just the typical 14 year old, and good with technology. I’m not so sure about the typical part. I truly enjoyed hearing a student’s perspective on technology use in today’s classroom. Take a listen or check out Arthus’ Newly Ancient blog.

Download A 14-year-old Talks Educational Technology

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2 thoughts on “Meet Arthus

  1. Thanks for the feature!
    I’m glad you enjoy my work. However, I stand firm that I am just a ‘typical’ teen because I really do think most of my life is that of a normal teen. However, I just add in more enhanced discussions online. But really, is there anyone who is truly typical?

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