Mrs. Miller, New Local Celebrity

wow2b.jpgOn Tuesday, November 6th, our own Melinda Miller will be a guest on the Women of the Web 2.0 live web cast! The WOW2.0 Show is a weekly show about education and technology. The event will start at 8:00 PM. Melinda will be using Skype to conference call with the 4 hosts from California, Georgia, Maine, and Canada. The call will be streamed live for all who want to listen, with a chat room for back channeling during the show. You can listen to the show from the comforts of your own abode by:

  • Navigating your browser to EdTechTalk: Women of the Web homepage.
  • Then click the link in the top right for the Chat Room. You can listen and participate in the chat, or just lurk and listen. I encourage you to try the chat. The hosts monitor the chat and if you submit a good questions for the guest, will often ask it during the show. You will make connections with other educators as well. I’ll be there!


To listen to the live stream, click on one of the media player icons. I can’t remember which channel it will be, Edtech Talk A or the Edtech Talk B. Just look for the one labeled as currently streaming. All of the media players listed below can work, but which one is best for you will depend on how your computer is set up.


The default player link (to a .pls file) is the preferred method of listening. Which program it uses to open the live audio stream will depend on which Operating System you are using and which programs you have installed. It should work with ITunes, Quicktime, Winamp, or Jet Audio.

If you would like to listen with Real Player , simply click on the Real Player Icons above.

If you would like to listen with Windows Media Player, click on the appropriate links above. This will not work if you are using a Mozilla based browser like Firefox or Netscape.

  • Next, to join the chat, you need to enter a login name and leave the password field blank and click the login button.
  • To identify yourself as a guest of Melinda’s you can use a login name that includes +podcastprincipal. For example, I’ll login with jgarton+podcastprincipal.


If you miss the show, but would like to listen after the event, the podcast is usually posted on the following Thursday.

When my schedule allows, I often listen to WOW2.0 shows, which are on every Tuesday evening at 8:00. I have made many connections through the chat, broadening my professional learning network. I was even a guest for a few minutes on their of Back to School Show this past August. (Just an impromptu guest, thanks to Vicki via Twitter, not a real guest for the whole show with planned interview questions like Melinda ;>)). The show is entertaining and educational. If I miss the stream I always listen to the podcast. I would highly recommend it, even when Melinda isn’t a guest.

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2 thoughts on “Mrs. Miller, New Local Celebrity

  1. Well, Janetta, you were a real guest, even if it was impromptu! Yes, this is a great show to listen to even if I am the web streamer an podcast maker. Think of the possibilities. You too, could take the class and begin streaming your own shows. Younever know when this will be a handy thing to know how to do. Stop by and join in a show or listen to a podcast. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
    Cheryl Oakes, WOW2

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