Changing Obstacles to Opportunities with Technology

I enjoyed Brian Crosby’sObstacles to Opportunities: The Whys and Wherefores” presentation for the K12online Conference. Click the obstacles2opport.jpg thumbnail to display my take aways.

Brian is doing some powerful things in his classroom that his students will benefit from for years to come. The heartwarming story of Celest, a student with leukemia who was “skyped into class,” is inspiring.

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In his presentation, I was struck by the twist on technologies and obstacles. Usually I hear about all the obstacles we have to using technology in the classroom, as opposed to how we can use technology to overcome obstacles in our classroom. This is a perfect example of how it’s not about the tools, but what we can do because we have the tools. It’s not about teaching technology, but teaching life skills, making learning real, and making students learners. I’m efficient and straight to the point. Brian’s presentation inspires me to embellish my work with inspiring storytelling. What obstacles are you struggling with that technology can help overcome?

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