Browser-Based Brainstorming

mmeister.jpgMindMeister is a great browser-based, concept mapping tool. Features I like:

  1. FREE: Free account option along with a paid subscription; The first month you will have access to the premium account features. Once that expires, basically, you will see some ads and lose access to the code to embed a map in a webpage. A free account is limited to 6 maps stored at one time. So if you get to 6, you can delete 1 and be able to create a new one. You do need an email address to create an account. They require you click a link in a verification email to activate your account before you will have access.
  2. EXPORT: Export as an outline to Word (WOW!), pdf, or an image
  3. COLLABORATION: Can have multiple people working on the same map at the same time; edits are color coded. There is a history of edits with the option to revert back to a previous version.
  4. PRINT: You can print the map scaled to 1 page, or at 100% spanning multiple pages.
  5. MASHUPS: Click the Google icon under information to do an instant search on the text of a node.
  6. SUBSCRIBE: Can receive email notifications whenever something is edited on a collaborative map. Too bad it doesn’t offer RSS as well.
  7. NOTES: Can add notes to nodes has published a short screencast that will get you started.


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