Optimize Images Before Uploading

When you are posting photos online photos consider your readers. I’m sure you have experienced the line by line by line download of an image. Did you have the patience to wait for the image to load? The higher the resolution of your image (dots per inch) the larger the file. The larger the file the longer the download, or display. Printing a photo requires a higher resolution (bigger file) to achieve a quality photo. But if you are just displaying an image on the Internet, you don’t need that big footprint. You should optimize your photos for web publishing before posting them on your blog or web page. Optimizing an image will reduce the file size, but keep the appropriate resolution, and make your readers happy with quick loading pages. Optimizing can NOT be achieved with a click and drag of the image border. You want to place your image on the webpage at 100% of its size. Some important tips include:

  • Don’t edit your original photo. Make a copy in a separate folder for editing.
  • Once you’ve optimized a jpg image once, you can’t do it again. You will end up with a blurry mess. You need to start again with the original image.
  • Use the Sharpening and Auto Fix tools to tweak your image, but just do it once. The more you do it the more color it removes.
  • Save the image as jpeg (jpe or jpg), gif, or png format.

I recommend Picnik for optimizing photos. It is browser based which means no software to install and it is available on any computer connected to the Internet. You don’t even have to register for an account! View this short video tutorial on using Picnik to optimize a photo. Easy smisy.

labbig.jpgAnother strategy is to use thumbnails. If you have a picture in which your readers will want to see details, provide a thumbnail in your blog post that is linked to a larger file of the image. This allows your page to load quickly with the small thumbnail, yet provides your readers access to a large, clear image.



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