Midwest Education Technology Conference

“Today’s students need the skills to prepare them not only for the workplace but skills as a 21st Century Citizen. Are we, as educators, providing them the experiences and challenges to compete and live in the new millennium?”

metc.jpgThe Midwest Education Technology Conference (METC) 2008 is scheduled on February 4, 5 & 6, 2008 at the St. Charles Convention Center, St. Charles, MO and brings together a diverse collection of speakers to share their knowledge, experience, strategies and expertise using established and emerging technologies in the classroom. As educators we must prepare our students for new jobs that have not been created by giving them the skills to question, gather, evaluate and finally produce new solutions or products. Technology is a tool that excites and engages students to learn. Let’s take advantage of this tool and help our students succeed.The full conference with breakout sessions, keynote and featured speakers and exhibit hall is held on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 5 & 6. The METC program is built on strands which in turn offer the conference participant the option to attend two full days of sessions devoted specifically to that topic interest. Strands include Differentiated Instruction, Digital Media, Instructional Technology Integration, Library Technology Instruction, Technical & Networking, Technology Leadership and Web 2.0.”



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