Online Photosharing

During the holiday, we attended several parties and family gatherings. As I captured the fun with my camera, everyone wanted copies of the pictures. As I promised to send them, I realized the images were too many and too big for email attachments. Burning them to a CD and sending it snail mail would work. Fresh in my mind was also the conversation with my brother-in-law about backing up family photos. The more I thought about it, I decided a Flickr Pro Account was the way to go.

For about $25 a year, I can upload all my photos at their best quality, set them as private, to be shared with friends and/or family, or public. The images can then be downloaded, prints ordered, even coffee mugs created by me, and designated family and friends. I then also have a complete backup online of all my photos. I’ve been using a free account for months. A free account limits how many photos I could upload and display, and prohibits the download of the original file. So, as a Christmas gift to myself, I signed up for a Flickr Pro account.

Looks like Lee and Sachi LeFever of CommonCraft had some of the same ideas when they made this video.

Download Online Photo Sharing in Plain English

On my Flickr webpage you will find a handout and a series of screencasts on how to use it.


2 thoughts on “Online Photosharing

  1. Good choice on the pro account- I think that is the only way to go if you choose Flickr. If I remember correctly, their free accounts resize your photos and maybe even delete some of them. If you like Flickr’s tagging, but wish it were a little more developed, check out and They’ve both got some truly innovative tagging features that help a lot when you are managing and sharing lots of photos (and videos in Pixamo’s case).

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