Quintura Search Tool

Quintura is a the search tool that displays results in a text list, and with a tag cloud of related words. Tabs divide the results by web, images, video, and Amazon. To refine your search, hover your mouse over words in the tag cloud to see a new set of related words displayed. You can exclude a word with a click of the red X. I can see how this visual tag cloud of related terms could assist you in further defining a search of an unfamiliar topic.

Quintura includes an option to embed flash or java code in a webpage to display your interactive search results tag cloud. Try out the coffee example below:

  • Hover your mouse over a word to tweak the search and watch the cloud change.
  • Click on a link in the list below to visit the site.
  • Enter a new search term in the field at the top and click the magnifying glass.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://affiliates.quintura.com/flash/quintura.swf?refresh=0&firstRequest=coffee&engine=http://affiliates.quintura.com&partnerId=138&partnerTopic=test" width="240" height="400" wmode="transparent" /]

Quintura also has a share button to email a search cloud. You could also use the provided link from this email message to create a hyperlink to the search cloud on a webpage, blog, or wiki. You can save your search results as a bookmark/favorite, or an html file on your computer.

Quintura for Kids is a filtered search engine that includes a tag cloud and icons for browsing. I like this version. I’ve added it to my daughter’s Pageflake. It offers only java code for embedding in a webpage or a wiki, (Java code won’t work in Edublogs).

Some other search tools:

  • oSkope visual search of Amazon, Ebay, Flickr, Fotolia, Yahoo!Image Search and YouTube.
  • Sputtr.: build your own personalized search page
  • searchCrystal: visualization tool to compare, remix, and share search from the web, image, video, blog, tagging, news engines, or RSS feeds.
  • Touch Graph: explore the connections between related websites



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