Pleasantly Surprised

greasemonkey.jpgI was pleasantly surprised yesterday when my attempt to embed a Google Gadget in an Edublog’s post was successful. I didn’t anticipate it working, since the embedding of javascript and other code directly in a post has been disabled due to security concerns. After having a little time to read some RSS feeds last night, I see that Edublogs now allows you to embed javascript, iframes, and object code. You can just copy the provided embedding code, click the code tab while composing a post, and paste. This will also work in text box sidebar widgets. See Sue Water’s Edublogger post with some Tom Barrett‘s screenshots illustrating the process.


  • If you click the Visual tab after pasting in the code and don’t see anything where you embedded the object, that’s to be expected. It will show up when you publish or preview.
  • Sue Waters recommends pasting in the code as the last step before publishing. As Mr. Farmer explains, if you edit and resave a post with embedded object code, it will break the code. He is hoping to fix this bug soon.
  • Sue Waters also states that if you are embedding flash (swf) or a video, you should still use the toolbar buttons on the Visual tab.flash1.jpg media2.jpg See the examples on Edublogger, along with the screenshots of how to embed a VoiceThread or Animato presentation.

I know of several teachers who will be thrilled with this new feature.

Image Credit: Greasemonkey by xrrr


One thought on “Pleasantly Surprised

  1. Some code is definitely easier than others to embed. Some is so touchy that you need to add then press publish (not save then preview). Also at the moment some flash objects are best embedded using flash media button, others aren’t. Definitely a case of trial and error.

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