The Shape of Things

shapeproject1.gifRegistration is open for the new The Shape of Things online project by Jennifer Wagner.

  • Dates: April 14 to May 12, 2008 (final project due May 12th)
  • Grades: PreK – 6
  • Description: Based on the use of triangles, circles, and squares, students will create one project (see the 3 options below) and then upload their images to a class photo album at one of the suggested online photo storage locations. Worksheets and suggested activities are included.
  1. Students will create a collage or piece of art using ONLY triangles, circles, and squares. The shapes may be of any size, and use any type of material (paper, felt, plastic, jello, etc) The artwork/collage may also be 3-D. Pictures will be taken of completed artwork and uploaded to the online photo storage location.
  2. Students will use digital camera and search their classroom, school, city/town, home for pictures that include triangles, circles, or squares. Pictures will be transferred to online photo storage location.
  3. Students will use an graphics program (kid pix, paint shop pro, photoshop, kerpoof, etc) and create a Triangle, Circle, Square piece of artwork. Teachers/students will then upload the images to online photo storage location.

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One thought on “The Shape of Things

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