Flickr Now Hosts Video

Flickr now allows Pro users to upload videos, up to 90 seconds in length, smaller than 150MB in size. The video upload process is the same as the photo upload process. Just like images, videos can be set to private or public. A public video can be viewed by anyone, Flickr member or not. After the upload was complete and it was processed, the video was available for viewing within a few minutes.

The embedding options allow me to set the video player size and display video title and author at start. The player is very basic, but does offer full screen. When I preview this post with the embedded video, I’ve noticed the player is not properly positioned in my post, but off to the right, rearranging my entire blog. I tried changing the player size, but this didn’t correct the problem. Maybe when I click the Publish button it will magically move over. I’ve tried using the Flash button to embed the video, instead of just pasting in the provided code. But this hasn’t worked either. It did work when I published the post directly from Flickr, as you can see in the next post. Thus I tried copying the embedding code from that post into this one. Didn’t work. Once I edited the post from Flickr, using my Edublogs dashboard, the video issue appeared in that post as well.

Conclusions: To post a video from Flickr into an Edublogs post, use the “Blog this” feature in Flickr. Do not edit this Flickr published post from within Edublogs.

Please see the next post to view the video.

I apologize to my subscribers for clogging your reader with several editions of this single post.

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