Filter Blocking Edublogs’ Messages-Fixed

UPDATE 8/30: It appears that the issue has been resolved. Edublogs emails should be deliverable to our school email addresses. Yippee!!

It appears that our email spam filter, which is through MOREnet, and which we have no control over, has started blocking messages from Edublogs.

  • This means if you register for an Edublogs account with your school email address, you will not get the email you need to verify your account and complete the registration process.
  • This means if you have an existing Edublogs account that you created with your school email address, you won’t receive any emails pertaining to comments awaiting moderation on your blog or informational messages for Edublogs.


The only solution I have at this point is to use a different email address. Many of us have additional email accounts through our home Internet providers, or through free services such as gmail, yahoo, or hotmail. If you don’t, watch this short screencast on how to register for a gmail account.

  • New Users: Use an alternative email address when registering for Edublogs, not your school email address.
  • Existing Users: Edit the email address for your Edublogs account. You need to change it in 2 places. 1) Click the Setting link in the top right corner and change your email address. When you click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen, your email address will revert back to school email. But after you receive the verification email in your non-school email account, and click the provided click, it will be changed. 2) Click Users in the top right corner and then choose Your Profile from the menu bar across the top. Change your email address here as well.

This means that all emails from Edublogs will be delivered to your nonschool email account. Which is not ideal but doable. Many email services provide the option to forward copies of incoming emails to another email account. You can view this screencast on forwarding Edublogs emails to your school account that are addressed to your gmail account.

Maybe the setting on the MoreNET email spam filter will be changed in the near future to allow messages from Edublogs. Until that time, we can use this work around.

UPDATE: Please read this post from James Farmer on his blog incorporated subversion.



2 thoughts on “Filter Blocking Edublogs’ Messages-Fixed

  1. Bob Andrus, our District Tech Coordinator, has been working with Dan Niles at MoreNET to find a solution. It appears that the issue is tied to DNS settings on the Edublogs servers. Mr. Niles has contacted Edublogs. Edublogs responded and made some changes on their end, but we are still not receiving emails from Edublogs. Hopefully Edublogs will give it a second try, (please, Mr. Farmer). I’ll keep you posted.

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