Room With a View: Registration Open

The online Collaborative Projects described below are all sponsored by JenuineTech. These projects are well organized, provide lots of classroom activity options, and are fun for the students. Jennifer Wagner, the person behind JenuineTech, has been facilitating these award winning projects for years and is very experienced.

A Room with a View

  • August 10, 2008 to June 10, 2009
  • Ages: PreK – Sixth Grade
  • Classes will capture a monthly picture of the view from a classroom window, documenting how the scenery changes. Students will write descriptions of what they see change and share with other classrooms their observations.
  • Technology Objective: Teachers and students will learn to upload to an online arena to showcase their work.
  • Register online now.

Other Upcoming Projects


  • Registration opens in about 2 weeks
  • Project has 2 parts. You can choose which to participate in.
    • That’s the Way the Cookie Tumbles
    • O.R.E.O. STUF Fashion Show
  • This will be the10th year of this project.
  • Read about last year’s O.R.E.O. project here.

Hats Off to Lincoln

  • February is the 200th Birthday of Abraham Lincoln more on this project soon.

Image Credit: Hurry Formally, Viewing His New World by cobalt123


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