Discovery Education Streaming

All the Willard R-II attendance centers are subscribing to Discovery Education Streaming this year, aka United Streaming. This is a powerful resource with an extensive collection of videos, lesson plans, worksheets, speeches, songs, images, quizzes, etc. for all grade levels. Yes, you can access this tool from home.


If you set up an account previously, it has been reinstated with the same username and password.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password:

  1. Navigate to Discovery Education Streaming.
  2. In the Log in box on the right, click the link for Forgot your username or password?
  3. You can then request your username and/or password.

If you have not ever set up an account:

  1. Navigate to Discovery Education Streaming.
  2. In the New Users box on the right enter the appropriate passcode. Contact Janetta Garton for the passcode for your building.
  3. Click the blue Go button and proceed to set up your account using your school email address.


  • Tuesday, September 2nd: 4-5:00 or
  • Wednesday, September 3rd: 3-4:00
  • Register online


  1. Fusion: Discovery Education Streaming workshop webpage
  2. Handout on how to use Discovery Education Streaming
  3. Set of screencast tutorials demonstrating the contents of the handout
  4. Free, online professional development course you can complete to earn Salary Advancement hours

Image Credit: Kake Pugh


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