Flickr’s New and Improved Slideshow

Flickr recently updated their slideshow feature. You can find the slideshow button on photostream pages, sets, tag pages, groups pools, and search results pages. If there are videos in the set or group, you can now watch those within the slideshow. There is also a button in the bottom right corner of the slideshow to view the show in full screen mode. You can access code to embed a slideshow, or a direct link to a show, using the Share link in the top right corner of the slideshow. This share button is available if the owner has set his/her privacy permissions to allow you to share his/her images. I appreciate the convenience of this share link and think that teachers will also. Yes, there are a vast array of mashups to embed flickr slideshows, but that is just one more tool/step for teachers to use. Keep it simple. Make it fun. (Favorite saying of one of my college professors.)

Currently the slideshow embed code won’t work in a blog post. But that might change. Flickr has already partnered with to provide shortcut to embed Flickr videos.

If you have an account at Flickr, you may want to update your permissions for “Who can share your photos and videos.” This applies to your public images. You can use the direct link option as I did above.

Image Credit: flickr Badges on Flickr by poolie CC Attribution 2.0


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