Need a Snapshot of Your Screen?

Snippy can help. Snippy is a screen capture tool. This free download doesn’t require installing. Just download the small, executable file and double click it to start snipping. You will see a pair on scissors available in your Taskbar notification area on the right side.

Just click these scissors anytime you need to capture something on your screen. With a click and drag select the area to be copied to your clipboard. Open Word, or another application and paste. Viola! An image of your screen capture appears in your document. You can also right click on the scissors to access the settings. That’s it. Very simple. Very easy to use. Here’s a very short screencast on how to download, start, and use Snippy.

I use SnagIt for my screen captures. Since I spend a lot of time publishing handouts on various tech tools, I need something with more features. SnagIt is awesome. If you are often capturing snapshots of your screen, this tool is worth purchasing. There is a 30 day free trial available for download.


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