Are Your Friends Spammers?

My daughter now has her own email account. While teaching her good email etiquette, we ran into dealing with the poor email etiquette of her friends. Julie likes to forward messages about missing children. Sally sends chain messages that will bring good luck and magically change your desktop wallpaper if you forward the message to 7 people. Andrea sends messages with multiple large attachments. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.) My daughter doesn’t want to hurt her friends’ feelings, so what should we do?

I found the perfect tool to help us with this issue, StopForwarding. It lets you send anonymous email and nicely ask your friends and coworkers to stop spamming. All you need to do is enter the person’s name and email address in the provided form.

Here’s a sample:

Hi Bob,

One of your friends has sent you this message from StopForwarding.Us, a website that allows individuals to anonymously email their friends and politely ask that they stop the habit of sending forwarded emails or FWDs.

Please do not forward chain letters, urban myths presented as truth, potentially offensive jokes, videos or photos without being asked or first receiving permission. If you find something that is funny and it is clean and you genuinely think the recipient will enjoy it then forward it to that person only (not in an email blast to all your friends and family) and include a personal note about why you enjoyed it and why you think they will too. Avoid sending forwards to friends or relatives that you’ve grown distant with. It can be frustrating for the recipient when the only correspondence he or she has with someone is via impersonal, unwanted email.

For more tips on email etiquette, visit StopForwarding.Us/etiq.html

Thank you,
A Friend (via

A similar option is Thanks. No. but without the anonymous part. See for more email etiquette rules.

Image Credit: spam museum by stgermh


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