Posterous: Blogging via Email

This post is being submitted via my gmail account. I’m testing out, a free service that allows you to post things online by email, such as posts to I just created an account at posterous, verified the account when the email arrived, and am now composing this email addressed to

I can assign various email addresses to my posterous account, enabling me to post from various email accounts. This would work with a class blog to have students email in their posts. The negative to this is that the teacher would not be approving the posts prior to publication. The positive would be that the student would not need blog accounts, just email accounts, in order to post an article to the class blog. Once the email is sent, the post appears. I wonder if there is a way to tell what email address the post came from….hmmmm. I’ll keep you posted on that. ;>)

You can attach files to your email message (photos, mp3s, documents, and video).  So I’ve attached 2 images to this message, a document, and an audio file. Can’t wait to see where that all ends up. Will it be stored at posterous or What will be displayed and where? Will the hyperlinks in my email message transfer to the blog post? I guess this post won’t be assigned a category or have any tags.

Okay, here goes. Click the Send button.

See the full gallery on posterous

classifieds.pdf (179 KB)
View this on posterous

Country A 180 by Efiddler. Com   (42 KB)
Listen on posterous


One thought on “Posterous: Blogging via Email

  1. I edited the post in WordPress after it appeared to add the tags and categories. I use these a lot when locating particular posts. After checking both WordPress and posterous, I can’t find anywhere that shows which email address sent this post. The working hyperlinks are great. I have 1 GB of storage at posterous that I’ve apparently started using to host the attached files. Lots of possibilities here….not ready to use with student bloggers due to lack of moderation, but…could see some staff uses at this point. I now also have a blog at posterous with this same post, I disabled comments (no moderation options) and the downloading of my posted files at posterous. I have access to edit and delete post on this posterous blog. No options for changing the color/theme of the blog, but I like it. A very easy to use, fast blogging, or should I say posting, tool.

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