WordPress.com vs. Tiger Blogging Tool

Nancy Parrish, our ESL teacher, is preparing for her adventure to Japan (Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program), and plans to blog about her experience. She has asked me to outline some of the differences between WordPress.com and our Tiger Blogging Tool to help her decide which platform to use. Below is a basic comparison of the 2 tools. Thanks for the great question, Nancy! Can’t wait to read your blog.

  • WP: hosted on a server outside our district, no Willard R-II property
  • TB: hosted on a Willard server, maintained by our Tech Dept
  • WP: may take more time initially to learn tool
  • TB: as easy as it gets
  • WP: can moderate comments
  • TB: allow comments or not, no approval before display option
  • WP: have multiple users with differing permissions (teacher, student, etc)
  • TB: have multiple users but must have willard.k12.mo.us email address, with only 2 levels of permissions and no option to moderate posts prior to approval
  • WP: pages of designs/templates to choose from, with new ones added occasionally
  • TB: 5 templates
  • WP: lots of sidebar widgets
  • TB: limited control of sidebar, unless you know html, profile, archives, and index of posts
  • WP: can create additional pages
  • TB: no options to create additional pages
  • WP: no built in blog by email feature
  • TB: email address provided to submit posts to blog by email
  • WP: tags and categories can be assigned to each post to help readers locate content
  • TB: no tags or categories
  • WP: can save posts as drafts and edit/publish later
  • TB: no draft options
  • WP: can insert images and some additional multimedia anywhere within a post, with options to resize and align
  • TB: images always appear at the end of the post, no options to embed other media such as audio or video files, can’t edit image using post editor
  • WP: post editor includes several buttons
  • TB: buttons not included in post editor compared to WP toolbar: spell check, strike through, remove formatting, insert more, paste as plain text or from Word, insert special characters, block quotes

*Tiger Blogging Tool Workshop: Since only 2 people showed interest in attending such a workshop, I won’t be scheduling one, but meeting individually with these teachers instead.

Image Credit: Miyajima – Daisho-in temple – Japan travel sketchbook by dirloz CC Attribution-Noncommecial

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