Do you Know How to ChaCha?

My daughter comes up with some good questions while we are in the car.

When was the first McDonalds opened?
Where is Laos?
When is the next lunar eclipse?

“We will have to Google that,” I reply. But we usually forget by the time we get home. Another spontaneous, relevant learning opportunity lost.

No more. ChaCha to the rescue. Using a mobile phone, we can call 1.800.24.2242 and state the question. In a few minutes we will receive a text message answer. The 800 call won’t result in any charges on my phone bill. Since we have a plan for texting that won’t result in a charge either. Pretty slick.

We are looking at Halloween costumes and my daughter finds a Rose Maiden costume she likes. “But what is a Rose Maiden? Do I want to be a Rose Maiden?” Within seconds we have an answer from ChaCha that includes a hyperlink. Later, when I visited the link it displayed a webpage with my question, the answer, and the website where Rebbeca G., our Guide, found the answer ( There is also a link to Rebbeca G.’s profile identifying her areas of expertise.

You can also send a text question to 242242. For example, I can text “weather 65781” and receive back a text with the forecast for Willard. Or try texting “Send me a joke.”

If you create an account at, all your questions and answers are saved to your account, along with the source site and Guide information.

If you have Caller ID blocked or are calling from a carrier they do not support, it won’t work. You must have text messaging enabled on your phone. This won’t work with a landline phone.

Image Credit: Cell Phone by rig329 CC Attribution Non-Commerical Sharealike License


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