Using DES Images and Videos in Your Projects

I recently participated in the Discovery Education Streaming Streamathon, attending Steve Dembo’s Profoundly Spectacular and Amazing Web2.0 Tools session.

Two important takeaways:

  1. ALL the images at DES are all public domain, which means you can use them on your class websites and blogs.
  2. You can download editable videos (look for edit button or use the advanced search to locate), then edit them in Windows Movie Maker and upload your new production to a password protected webpage.

After downloading an image from DES, we had fun editing it with Speechable, a free site to add text bubbles and then use the provided code to embed or link to your edited image. We created a motivational poster at Big Huge Labs using a tiger image from DES. Steve introduced Glogster, a free online tool for creating interactive, multimedia posters. Glogster looks like a lot of fun, but the displayed projects by other users is sometime inappropriate. However, Glogster has just introduced a version for educators. They tell me that in October there will be more privacy controls, until then I wouldn’t use it with students. See this embedded example of how a student used Glogster to publish an Environmental Heroes poster. Steve also mentioned Animoto, which now offers Animoto for Educators. Educators and their students can have a free, all access account, a $30 value. This is a great site for easily creating presentations with your images, and selecting music and animation from the provided library. You can view some examples at the Voices of the World Blog. He also mentioned, a free, web-based teleprompter service. This could be a good podcasting resource, as well as video publishing tool. Jumpcut, a free online video editing site, was also recommended.

I’m glad these events are archived at Den Blog Network, since I am not able to attend all the presentations live. You can also download the presentations and not have to stream them.

For more information on using Discovery Education Streaming, including handouts and screencasts, see my Fusion workshop webpage.

Image Credit: Paul Fuqua. “Cat, old gray.”


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