Drop Box for Your Digital Files

Attaching files to an email is so 90’s. A much better method is having your own drop at Drop.io. A drop is a free “discrete chunk of space you can use to store and share anything privately (pictures, videos, audio, documents, etc.), without registration.” The drop.io site is not searchable.  Drops are private online exchange points. A drop can be accessed by simply typing its location in any browser. You can create as many drops (each with 100 MB storage limit for free accounts) as you want and require a password to gain access.

To share a file, after navigating to the http://drop.io…

  1. Enter a name for your drop, at least 7 letters, no spaces, or use the provided name.
  2. Click the Add Files button and navigate to the file you want to share and select it. Repeat to add additional files.
  3. If you want to password protect the drop site, enter a password that your visitors will need to access the files. Change the Delete Drop setting if desired. Choose what your visitors can do: View Only; View & Add files; or View, Add and Delete files.
  4. Click the Drop it button.

You will be asked to create an administrator password which is just for you to use to be able to change the settings and password for the drop, delete it, or reset the expiration. Your visitors will not use this password.

  1. Enter your admin password in each box.
  2. Click the Continue with Password button.

Share the web address of your drop (http://drop.io/dropname) in an email or a link on your website. Your visitors will see:

Your visitors will be able to Download, View online, Send to another drop, Embed the file, Link to the file, and leave Comments. Some ways that people are using drop.io include:

  • privately sharing videos and photos from parties within a group of friends
  • transferring large files from one computer to another
  • quickly sharing documents for a project among a group of co-workers, a mini online office
  • a turn in box for students’ digital assignments
  • privately sharing classroom photos
  • creating places to send comments, photos, documents on the fly while on the go or at a meeting

That’s the basics. Here’s a short screencast from DemoGirl.com that will lead your through the steps of uploading a file to create a drop, (as well as how to send an audio note to your drop using your phone.)

If you would like be a Drop.io Power User and learn how to receive a fax in your drop, drop files by email, send an audio message to your drop, or embed videos in your drop, etc. visit these webpages:


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