Recently Tagged 092708

Sites I have recently tagged in my delicious account

  • Start your 2008-2009 Classroom digital scrapbook *RIGHT NOW* on! Great idea here from Kevin Jarrett. Start a VoiceThread now, add to it each month, and you have a classroom scrapbook of this school year.  You can register for a free account and then request a free upgrade to a pro account so as to make as many VoiceThreads as you want. See my handout for directions.
  • Secret Files: vocabulary, put the words in the correct drawers; can set difficulty level
  • World War II Remembered: from Scholastic, projects and activities.
  • SMARTBoards and the Shrink and Grow Reveal Challenge: from James Hollis. Watch the video on creating a Shrink and Grow Template in Smart Notebook 10. We have several teachers in our district with new smartboards who will find the Teachers Love SMART Boards blog a great source of screencasts and instructional ideas.
  • Webspiration: concept mapping Web-based Inspiration, beta, share concept map with others and assign permissions (all access, edit, or just view), revision history, can import from Inspiration 8, concept map view or notes view; currently free but suspect it won’t always be

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