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Sites I have recently tagged in my delicious account:

  • Math Snacks: short videos by some elementary teachers demonstrating various math principles
  • Betchablog: Getting Kids to Blog: a post about starting students blogging. It has a great chart on blogging prompts that incorporates science and social studies threads with Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • Tag Galaxy: Type in a word for a photo you want to find, and watch the galaxy form. The sun links to the Flickr photos with your tag. (Click to view them). Related tags show up as planets revolving around the sun. (Click on to further refine your search.) This is not your typical display of photo search results.  Just try it. This Flickr mashup is a diploma thesis project by Steven Wood.
  • Flowgram: Create presentations by combining web pages, photos, PowerPoint and more. Include your voice, notes, and highlight text. Surprisingly, viewers of the presentation can interact with displayed webpages by scrolling and clicking on links. Like a screencast, but different. ;>) Check out this flowgram: 21st Century Information Literacy Skills. I will be trying this out soon. In fact, I could have made a flowgram instead of writing this blog post.
  • Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas: Looks like an empty page, but wait, move your mouse across the screen, try a click.

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