Tech or Treat

I just attended the Tech or Treat Webinar hosted by Steve Dembo of Discovery Education. Steve started by sharing tools to help you avoid information overload:

  • enter your username to see what sites have that username available. Could help you remember where you have a presence, unless someone else has used your username. Can check for other’s usernames to see where they have a presence.
  • add in all your web 2.0 services, organize into groups; type in message and it posts to all your selected services.
  • gather all your accounts/services; one location to access all your accounts; can share with someone and they can access all your services from one location; one friendfeed widget displays all your stuff
  • aggregate your profile information; if your profile info changes, you can use this tool to update all your profiles at various services at once;

He then turned it over to some STAR participants who shared some of their favorite tools.

Nancy Jacobson

  • now have free blogs in addition to the free monitored student email accounts; can have walled garden blogs.

Diana Kenney

  • Ted
  • TumbleBooks: read to students, highlight words, quizzes, lessons; subscription based; some public libraries offer for free;
  • Lookybook: free, can embed in blog; can’t always read text; point is to sell books.
  • Mogulus: video sharing site;
  • Pandora: personalized radio station; streaming music;
  • The Periodic Tables of Videos: share with science teachers; connects to Youtube, with an option for another server. University of Nottingham provide the videos. illustrations dramatizations
  • CommonCraft

Kathleen Casterline

  • Quest Atlantis: 3D multi-user environment from Indiana University; schools here from around the world; rich curriculum content (Missions: short, Quests: take 2-3 hour long sessions, Units: 6 weeks); Go to educators and teacher resources; strictly for ed
  • Great source for tech news from Leo Laporte
  • iGoogle: create your own start page

Emma Haygood

  • Tech Fridays: 8th graders; pick a couple web2.0 sites and give brief overview and discuss how to use in classroom. students take it from there; GoAnimate a student favorite; Students have started bringing in sites;

Patti Habetler

  • Big Universe: collection of 713 student books, search by subject/age level; create account and add books to your bookshelf; can buy book; use with smartboards; write on book free; selections for ages up to13; You can publish your own books here as well. Nonfiction as well;

Once a month they will be repeating these Sharing with the STARs webinars. The next one is the Shining Stars Thanksgiving Special scheduled for November 25th at 6PM. Register here and you will be sent an email with a link to click to access the presentation. You will be able to view the presenter’s slideshow and/or desktop. There will be a chat window available to all the participants for sharing comments, questions, and links. You will also receive a toll free 800 number to call on your phone to listen to the audio portion of the presentation. There is a schedule of all the free DES webinars available online.

Image Credit: Halloween 1975 by bradsearles licensed CC Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike


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