It’s Here

menubuttonsThe new WordPress is here and looks fabulous. I like the clean look of the interface. The tabs have migrated to collapsible menus on the left side, with little change in the location of features. Moving your mouse over a section label displays a triangle that you can click to expand it.

Customization! I like that I can customize the Dashboard homepage and that the menus have a memory. They retain their open or closed status through browser closings. You can even collapse the menus into a tower of buttons for a real space saver. I can also choose what is displayed on various screens using the Screen Options button in the top right corner. On the New Post page, and some others, I can drag around the modules to suit me.

One new feature is the QuickPress Module, a mini post editor on the Dashboard homepage with just the minimal tools needed to get a post out quick. Having my Drafts displayed on my Dashboard homepage will increase the probability that they will actually become published someday. I like that I can upload Media without accessing the Post Editor. I almost missed the shortcut menu in the top tool bar. One click access to a New Post, Drafts, New Page, Upload, and Comments.

It will be an easy adjust for most. In fact, I think you will like it!

Thanks, Matt!

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