Beyond Words

2900556471_593c58695d_mThis evening I participated in a web seminar on Digital Storytelling featuring Jason Ohler hosted by Steve Dembo of Discovery Education Network. Here are my notes from the presentation.

Today’s students often have to show what they know all in the same way, on a test. Kids are banging on a different door. They want to show what they know with an ipod, mashup, game, video, etc. Let kids come through their own door to show what they know. We see cell phones as communication devices. Kids see it as something to create with.

Literacy means consuming and producing the  media forms of the day, whatever they are. Students need to be able to create whatever media they consume.

  • Web 1.0: Read
  • Web 2.0: Read Write
  • Web 2. 1: Read Write Paint
  • Web 3.0: Read Write Paint Think

9 Dig Lit Action Guidelines

  1. Shift from text-centrism to new media collage
  2. Value writing more than ever! (videos need scripts)
  3. Adopt art as 4th, next R
  4. Follow DAOW of literacy: Digital Art Oral Written
  5. Attitude is the aptitude (tools are always evolving so your attitude and ability to learn new things is what determines intelligence)
  6. Practice private and social literacy (learning in isolation isn’t king)
  7. Develop literacy about digital tools
  8. Fluency, not just literacy
  9. Harness both report and story…embrace story! (shift the information container, stories are engaging)

Teachers need to be the guide on the side, not the technician magician. Take advantage of the student talent in the room. We must create learning communities for the students, leave them to do the clicking, and provide assessment and feedback. Use a story map when composing instead of a storyboard. View some example stories on his website.

His website has lots of resources that I look forward to exploring in more depth, as I prepare for my Digital Storytelling workshop in March.

Image Credit: Princess Storytelling with Aurora – Sleeping Beauty by Armadillo444 Licensed CC Attribution NonCommercial


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