Sharing Large Files

Sharing large files as email attachments, especially with numerous recipients (building staff), is sometimes a problem. is the answer. This free file sending application from allows users to to share large files without any account registration or software installation.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click in the File box to browse to your file and select it.
  3. Enter the email addresses of the recipients. (You can’t use a building staff mailing list address. A work around would be to send it to yourself and then forward the email you receive to the staff.)
  4. Click the Send It Out button.


The page for your file will be displayed. By default, the file will expire 7 days from the last view.  This can be changed to 1 day, month, or year by accessing the Setting on the page for your file.


The settings page provide access to several other options including: drop details, customize, access control, guest permissions, input/output settings, location, etc.

The email recipients will receive a message with a link to the file.


From this link they will be able to view the file, as well as download it, email it, link to it, embed it, or leave a comment. (You will have buttons to rename and delete the file that won’t appear on your visitor’s display.)


There is a 100 MB limit per drop. There is no limit to how many drops you can create. In regards to what files you can upload, here’s a quote form lets you share photos, video, audio, and other media files really easily. We take most common formats and convert them to be web friendly. If you send us photos we will make thumbnails and put them in a gallery; if you send us videos we’ll convert them so you can view them online; if you send us audio we’ll stream it; if you send us PDFs we’ll convert them too, you get the point. If you give us a format that we don’t yet convert (we are working to expand our conversion Jedi Ninja skills) we will still store them. Any user visiting your drop will be able to click on the file and download it.


3 thoughts on “Sharing Large Files

  1. I recommend Otengo. Its agreat tool for sending large files in an email like transfer. No painful uploading or downloading. Extmely secure and fast and easy to use.

  2. An easy way to send and share files online!
    Need to send multiple files via email?
    How about multiple files at the same time?
    Need to send files that are too big for email?

    Sending large files via email has always been a problem. With file size and attachment needs growing out of control it has become a real challenge. FTP solutions work but can be slow and not very user friendly, you need a replacement. This is where we come in to send a file!! You can email large files and share large files (500MB) free with!!!

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